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2 months ago
Hamza Khan Ajmal Khan

Hamza Khan Ajmal Khan from Lahore

21 years old, male
I am Middle Class Boy
2 months ago
Waqas Waqas Murad Ali

Waqas Waqas Murad Ali from Lahore

33 years old, male
Good job good salary
Salman Salman

Salman Salman from Gujranwala

30 years old, male
Abdul Qayoom Abdul Qayoom

Abdul Qayoom Abdul Qayoom from Muzaffargarth

29 years old, male
Muhammad Ilyas Ilyas

Muhammad Ilyas Ilyas from Lahore

32 years old, male
اسلام علیکم میری کوشش ھوتی ھے.کہ جو کام دیاجاےاس کو پوری قوات اور لگن سے کیا جاے .اور اللہ کا بہت کرم ھے مجھ پہ کہ اج تک میں اپنی اس بات پہ قائم ھوں عین نوازش محمد الیاس
Tahir Hussain Tahir

Tahir Hussain Tahir from Attock

30 years old, male
Dear sir, i need a canada visa ,plz contact me
Umariqbal Umariqbal

Umariqbal Umariqbal from Multan

32 years old, male
Umar iqbal
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