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1 months ago
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Vital Honey Price In Pakistan Vital Honey Price In Pakistan from Rawalpindi

16 years old, male
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1 months ago
2 months ago
Khawar Ali

Khawar Ali from Lahore

23 years old, male
2 months ago
2 months ago
Ahmad Altaf

Ahmad Altaf from Gujrat

25 years old, male
I have good experience with license, good looking I am responsible person
2 months ago
2 months ago
Khalil Ahmad Khalil Ahmad

Khalil Ahmad Khalil Ahmad from Gujrat

22 years old, male
Hey sir my name is Khalil Ahmad I'm from Gujrat Punjab Pakistan. My qualification is D.A.E mechanical engineering. I have 1.5 years experience in service industry limited Gujrat as a production supervisor. Im one man army and I will do every kind of work for company who hair me.thanks
2 months ago
2 months ago
Sunil Aleck Sunil

Sunil Aleck Sunil from Lahore

50 years old, male
Curriculum vitae Sunil Aleck Jouhar E-mail: E-mail: Mobile: 03258833076 OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging job in esteemed organization, which will allow my experience and extensive communication and organization skills while providing an opportunity in your organization. WORK EXPERIENCE  Call center brokers, Lahore, Pakistan. helping to selling production. (2018 to 2020)  Waiter Salt n Pepper, Lahore, Pakistan Helping guest food and service. (2008 to 2010)  Stewarding Al Ain Rotana Hotel, Helping cleaning and dish washing. (2004 to 2008)  Helper in Zaid cricket sodium, helping with coach. (2010 to 2014) INTERPERSONAL SKILLS  Excellent communication skills.  Ready to face new challenges.  Committed to the deadlines.  Ability to work under stress.  Ability to understand and analyze.  Hard work and aggressiveness. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION  Matriculation PERSONAL DETAILES  Nationality: Pakistani.  Gender: Male.  Language: English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi. PASSPORT AND VISA DETAILES  Passport: BH0843503  Date of Issus: 28/02/2023 I hereby declare that the information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed or distorted. MR: Sunil Aleck Jouhar
2 months ago
4 months ago
Mariyam Asif

Mariyam Asif from Lahore

20 years old, female
I'm very hardworking and passionate about my work. I'm work as HR assistant .
4 months ago
Montalin Capsule In Pakistan Montalin Capsule In Pakistan

Montalin Capsule In Pakistan Montalin Capsule In Pakistan from Bahawalpur

27 years old, female
Montalin Capsule In Rawalpindi, montalin capsule indonesia, montalin capsule indonesia side effects, montalin capsule ingredients, montalin capsule price in pakistan, montalin capsule reviews, montalin capsule side effects in urdu, montalin capsule uses, montalin capsules in lahore, montalin capsules side effects
Naveed Iqbal

Naveed Iqbal from Lahore

28 years old, male
Respected Sir/Mam,                                                                                                                                         I hope this email finds you well. I'm just applying for the vacancy of Team Leader Mechanical and I'm interested in learning more about these positions as I believe I'd be an excellent addition to the team.                       I believe I can add value because I have more than four years experience doing the All types Maintenance, saving down times , Product Development, Marketing, Complaints handlings, Customer Service, Business Partners Meetings and I see these things in this job description. Additionally I value Branding, Innovations, creativity which are reflected in this company's mission & values. Our goals and interests are so aligned that I am excited about the prospect of working with this team. I have attached my Resume, Linkedin, Cell Phone number and Email. I would love to connect further regarding this position should my background spark your interest. I Look forward to hearing from you,
Hamza Khan Ajmal Khan

Hamza Khan Ajmal Khan from Lahore

22 years old, male
I am Middle Class Boy
Zafran Zafran

Zafran Zafran from Rawalpindi

32 years old, male
Name zafran satti for teacher ads school dhanda
Mohammad Sajid

Mohammad Sajid from Bahawalnagar

23 years old, male
Bilal Raza

Bilal Raza from Lahore

30 years old, male
Matric qualification 10 years experience (Adobe Photoshop) editing
Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman from Faisalabad

25 years old, male
I did my FSC and matric from garrison cadet college Kohat . and did my mechanical engineering leve-2 accreditation by from COMSATS. I am very good at managing things and having experience of leadership. currently i graduated from Amal academy. by which i learn how to be a good team member and a team leader. Now seeking for a job that allows me to grow professionally, while being able me to utilize my skills for the betterment of my future and for the benifit of company with the best use of my abilities
Raheela Kanwal Abdul Ghaffar

Raheela Kanwal Abdul Ghaffar from Punjab

27 years old, female
I have command in Computer skills and I want to do job data entry .I have 6 years experience in it and I want to do it with honesty .I have command in MS Office,in page and other softwares. I will be very thankful to you if you give a chance .
Hafiz Tariq Mahmood

Hafiz Tariq Mahmood from Lahore

46 years old, male
I am looking for a Chief Financial Officer or G.M Finance, or Manager Finance, or Manager Taxation, or Manager Accounts, or Manager Operation
Imtiaz Ahmad

Imtiaz Ahmad from Shekhüpura

33 years old, male
My URL Dear team My total experience is nine years different companies. CCPP 234MW as a Operation & Maintenance Master taile as a Electrical Maintenance Technician And presently I am working in coca-cola company as a OPERATION & Maintenance I am completed Associate Engineer in Electrical from 2008 to 2011. Then I continue my studies and I improve my education from Associate Engineer to Bachelor Engineering in Electrical 2018. Contact number -923454931057: Imtiaz Ahmad Regard
Sundus Naz

Sundus Naz from Bloch

27 years old, female
I am very hard working... Have computer skills... 4 years teaching experience...
Muhammad Ashfaq

Muhammad Ashfaq from Faisalabad

HR & Compliances
Muhammad Naeemullah

Muhammad Naeemullah from Faisalabad

22 years old, male
Honest Writing Learning Speaking Games playing
Hamza Irshad

Hamza Irshad from Lahore

23 years old, male
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