Posted on: 19 April 2018
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Restaurant Shift Managers

Restaurant Shift Managers

Total Position; 04

Requirement Criteria (Age 25 to 30 Year’s, 2 up to 5 Years’ experience, previously experienced in hotel/ restaurant industry mandatory, At least bachelor degree (preferably Diploma or degree in hospitality)

Responsible to assist the branch manager and manage day to day branch operation OR perform line manger duties if he/ she not available.

Responsible to assess visitors/ customers/ guests needs to make preferences & recommendations.

Responsible to plan and brief menu to team on daily basis and when necessary.

Responsible to support & cooperate with staff teams include front and back of houses workers.

Responsible to keep information notify to team branch operations about daily specials.

Responsible on stock, restock and replenish culinary/ kitchen/ tandoors inventory and stock and supplies.

aResponsible to handle overall management of organizational supporting doc’s (Admin Janitorial guidelines, daily reporting etc).

Responsible to manage culinary/ kitchen/ bar operations and general branch administration aggressively.

Responsible to enforce rules or regulations in a branch operation.

Identifying short-term and long-range issues that must be addressed in a branch.

Correspondence and routine scrums with line manager and plan set priorities to perform on branch floor operation.

Complete management of staff (front & back of houses personals include), running and closed branch.

Generating the tag employee reports.

Tasks mapping, throwing to team members and foll0w-ups to till completion.

Involvement on routine errands to manage the quotations/ invoicing, payment recovery, lead generating, respond over queries or inquiries, assisting to line manager, tender assignments.

Any other task assigned by management.

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