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They are looking for a job in medicine. Here below you will find candidates CVs who interested in medicine, healthcare, nursing jobs. Find doctors, nurses, veterinarians. Offer medicine job. Now you see candidates list from all cities who looks for a medicine job, we recommend to refine your search and choose exact city where you can offer them a job.
Najeeb Ullah Najeeb

Najeeb Ullah Najeeb from Dera Ismail Khan

22 years old, male
InshahAllah I will my job honestly . you will find me obedient to my boss.
Muhammad Kashif Kashif Malang

Muhammad Kashif Kashif Malang from Karachi

24 years old, male
Each able
Sadaqat Ali

Sadaqat Ali from Punjab

22 years old, male
Asalam o alaikum , My name is Sadaqat Ali and I live in Vehari. I am interested in motor way police jobs and pak Air force jobs as I want to serve the nation and it is my passion
Mohammad Aslam Malik

Mohammad Aslam Malik from Okara

39 years old, male
I am hard workig and have a good field knowledge.i have the experiance in sales and marketing
Abdul Qayoom Abdul Qayoom

Abdul Qayoom Abdul Qayoom from Muzaffargarth

26 years old, male
Farid Ullah

Farid Ullah from Parachinar

Hi my name is Farid Ullah belong to FATA now live in Mardan KPK. i have completed my degree BEMS (Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery). i need a job where i serve my knowledge and help of others as a herbal Doctor or Teacher.
Ahmad Mustafa Mustafa

Ahmad Mustafa Mustafa from Lahore

28 years old, male
I want to do something different in the world
Rameez Hassan

Rameez Hassan from Gujarkhan

31 years old, male
I want to do job support to my family.. Because I am elder in family. I have certificate of homeopathic. I also done from Punjab university in 2nd division. I can speak Urdu and English
Nazish Sarwar

Nazish Sarwar from Rawalakot

25 years old, female
Noting special
Naqqash Arain

Naqqash Arain from Hyderabad

27 years old, male
Mohsin Misal Khan

Mohsin Misal Khan from Lahore

27 years old, male
Working hard any time
Sagheer Ahmad Muhammad

Sagheer Ahmad Muhammad from Sialkot

24 years old, male
Hey I m a Radiographer and also doing a job I m very regular and interestal in my work And I have no bad habit I m very punctual and just hire me than u can understand all that I m veryyyyy nice worker
Jhanzaib Muhammad

Jhanzaib Muhammad from Multan

26 years old, male
In office
Reyan Afridi Afridi

Reyan Afridi Afridi from Karachi

27 years old, male
I want do work hard
Dr Narain Das Birjani

Dr Narain Das Birjani from Karachi

46 years old, male
Diploma in Diabetes .and HTN ./ Medicine.
Naseeb Ullah Abdul Ghaffar

Naseeb Ullah Abdul Ghaffar from Quetta

28 years old, male
Sir i am a poor person my family income is not good i have a part time job they give us some time 6 thousand some time 7 thousand salary we word hard but salary is not good please i need a good job i will word more hard
Feroz Din Suhriyani

Feroz Din Suhriyani from Sindh

I am honest and I work hard to complete my work responsibilities and do not quit easily. I enjoy working as well with other I am seeking a job in a reputable company and will prove my self as honest and hard worker.
Syed Azkar Haider Syed Azkar Haider

Syed Azkar Haider Syed Azkar Haider from Attock

24 years old, male
I am looking a job for related to medicians that in wich a lot of knowlage and service for others
Amina Gul Jannat Muhammad Shahbaz Babar

Amina Gul Jannat Muhammad Shahbaz Babar from Jhelum

20 years old, female
I want to work for humanity .... i have completed my fsc from looking for job for some time...
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