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Abdul Samad Buriro

Abdul Samad Buriro from Jacobabad

24 years old, male
I am a honest man
Amir Iqbal

Amir Iqbal from Karachi

48 years old, male
To work with an organization that offer challenges and opportunities to build my career and gain valuable experience in the field of Sales,IT Sales and Marketing
Abdullah Khan

Abdullah Khan from Islamabad

21 years old, male
I am hardworker and my qualification meddle
Muhammad Saleem Saleem

Muhammad Saleem Saleem from Lahore

29 years old, male
Earn profet & human fitness
Sanallah Bughio

Sanallah Bughio from Hyderabad

29 years old, male
Main Qasid
Shahid Arif

Shahid Arif from Lahore

28 years old, male
I am interested in sales jobs ..i can spoke urdu english and pujabi .I can do work in pressure area ..
Muhammad Akraam Muhammad Akraam

Muhammad Akraam Muhammad Akraam from Khanewal

21 years old, male
I think it's better than my old job thats why i want to do this job.
Abdul Basit Basit

Abdul Basit Basit from Azad Kashmir

25 years old, male
I am a honest man and I want job in Dubai I am F.A student and know lot of works like electrication plumbing etc I play cricket one of the my most favorite game I have my own shop where I work I am a sales man....That's all about me...konw what can you suggest me...
Sufyan Hassan Hassan

Sufyan Hassan Hassan from Rawalpindi

27 years old, male
I want work with honesty hardworking truthfully and i worked with teamwork
Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq

Mushtaq Ahmad Mushtaq from Okara

36 years old, male
Three years experience work in saudi arb as asale supervisor and one year in dubai . five yeas experience a paintstore as a salesman . six month experience in pesticides as a feild offocer
Syed Taher Ali Taher

Syed Taher Ali Taher from Islamabad

31 years old, male
Ms office windows xp windows experience working as supervisor in Al safa company madina shareef al 2 year
Huda Bano Habib

Huda Bano Habib from Karachi

23 years old, female
Customer service representative
Abdul Hafeez Kanhar

Abdul Hafeez Kanhar from Sukkur

31 years old, male
I am capable for this job i have experience of bancassurance and i m good in communication i will achieve all my given targets.
Qasim Rehman Qasim Rehman

Qasim Rehman Qasim Rehman from Lahore

26 years old, male
I want this job .and i have no experinece i have complete my study MBA recently.and now i searching for a good job.Inshallah i gave my good if i selected.
Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali from Charsadda

36 years old, male
I have three years experience in customer sales executive and two years sale associate. My qualification DAE in electrical and B Tech in Electrical.
Ahmad Nazir

Ahmad Nazir from North West Frontier Province

27 years old, male
Ahmad Nazir son of Muhammad Nazir Belong to FR Bannu kpk MSC botany degree holder
Kashif Muhammad Kashif

Kashif Muhammad Kashif from Muzaffargarth

25 years old, male
Am graduate in commerce and working in jazz franchise as a D.O. I am topper D.O in franchise and i want a chance to prove myself and , am sure i can done every task whick gives me.
Ather Khan

Ather Khan from Karachi

36 years old, male
Hard worker & accept chalenges any problem solve him self
Hasnain Abbas

Hasnain Abbas from Sahiwal

29 years old, male
" To Work in Dynamic and Competitive environment where, I can utilize the best of my abilities. " To join Organization where I can enhance my capability under the Instruction of Professional. It will be great Opportunity for me to growth.
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