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Asd Sfe

Asd Sfe from Bela

32 years old, male
Amir Ahmad

Amir Ahmad from Quetta

24 years old, male
I want to do any kind of positive job and i can
Dacegubaju Vpstraffic

Dacegubaju Vpstraffic from Jiwani

25 years old, male
FuCk YoU !
C Xc Sada

C Xc Sada from Gwadar

12 years old, male
Mohammad Shakeel Ahmed

Mohammad Shakeel Ahmed from Haripur

53 years old, male
I am DAE civil. Having 15+ years of Site supervision of building construction projects including GCC experience.
Muhammad Ibrahim Odho

Muhammad Ibrahim Odho from Shikarpur

42 years old, male
I am job less.
Muhammad Anwar Anwar

Muhammad Anwar Anwar from Quetta

34 years old, male
My qualification b.a pass and ma in process I need a job
Fazal U  Rehman Fazal Khan

Fazal U Rehman Fazal Khan from Quetta

31 years old, male
I work in burger king as a crew member and i have 2 year experience. Contact me
Sabie Shah Sabir

Sabie Shah Sabir from Quetta

26 years old, male
Sir I Am Qualified two Years my Experiens In Miss one Years finannce
Naseeb Ullah Abdul Ghaffar

Naseeb Ullah Abdul Ghaffar from Quetta

31 years old, male
Sir i am a poor person my family income is not good i have a part time job they give us some time 6 thousand some time 7 thousand salary we word hard but salary is not good please i need a good job i will word more hard
Irfan Ullah Khan

Irfan Ullah Khan from Quetta

33 years old, male
I want job in power side. i have skills about power. my interust in power jobs
Nasir Mughal

Nasir Mughal from Quetta

58 years old, male
I am Nasir Iqbal working as professional in community development field, I have 27 years working experience in field and as the expert and providing the technical guideline to field staff Community Development & marketing Facilitators male and femal. I produced the number of training manual of: Community Management Skill Training Leadership Management Skill Training Running of Farmers Marketing Collective I have two International Research Papers and presented at Paris and Spain in the years 2015 and 2016. The topic of research papers Formation of Men & Women Community Organization Cooperative & Development
Khurram Bajwa

Khurram Bajwa from Quetta

31 years old, male
Looking for something more specific needs and budget And Positive points out of my mind
Mir Kannar Baloch

Mir Kannar Baloch from Pasni

35 years old, male
Working as accountant at NRSP turbat from jan 2013 up to date need challenging opportunity to show my worth
Arsalan Ahmed Arsalan Ahmed

Arsalan Ahmed Arsalan Ahmed from Quetta

23 years old, male
I have been teaching since 2011 and i have no exprience of other jobs
Ghazanfar Jaffar

Ghazanfar Jaffar from Quetta

28 years old, male
I am an energetic person,can give 100% in every kind of work
Abdul Samad Dr Samad

Abdul Samad Dr Samad from Quetta

31 years old, male
Dr Abdul Samad Khan is a medical graduate from Bolan Medical College Quetta . After completing MBBS he has worked in pediatric medicine , General medicine, and general surgery in one year house job . Currently working in children hospital Quetta as medical officer.
Syed Khanzada Syed

Syed Khanzada Syed from Karachi

66 years old, male
Every job has its challenges, that I am aware of and prepared for them according to demand and mind of the situation in the benifit of employeer and organization, I am familier with the organizional Management, working culture and the behaviour of the establishment which make me the strong candidate. Thanks Regards Syed Khanzada
Muhammad  Shifa Zarar

Muhammad Shifa Zarar from Quetta

37 years old, male
I m looking for good job at good palce where i should get respect and houner and where my abilites should be utilize in a better way
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